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KAFP was chartered as the Kansas Academy of General Practice on May 6, 1948. Kansas was the 11th state to receive a charter from the AAFP (then the AAGP.) Charter members were: Eugene A. Reeves, MD; Clyde W. Miller, MD, who served as the first president of the Academy; Ray Meidinger, MD; Albert C. Harms, MD, who served as the 5th president; Conrad Barnes, MD, who served as the 9th president; Carl D. Siegel, MD; James P. Haigler, MD; and Ray Busenbark, MD. Three Kansas members have gone on to be President of the AAFP Ned Burket, MD (1967-1968) ; Ernie Chaney, MD (1981-1982) ; Rick Kellerman, MD (2006-2007) and Michael Munger, MD, FAAFP (2017-2018).

Clyde W. Miller, MD, 1948                                 Robert E. Boyer, MD, 1982        

L.B. Gloyne, MD, 1949                                      Thomas C. Simpson, MD, 1983

Charles L. White, MD, 1950                              Tell B. Copening, MD, 1984       

George L. Thorpe, MD, 1951                            Larry R. Anderson, MD, 1985   

Albert C. Harms, MD, 1952                              Arthur D. Snow, Jr, MD, 1986   

George E. Burket, Jr, MD, 1953                       D. Ray Cook, MD, 1987               

Clovis W. Bowen, MD, 1954                             Richard L. Rajewski, MD, 1988 

Lawrence E. Leigh, MD, 1955                          Deborah G. Haynes, MD, 1989

Conrad M. Barnes, MD, 1956                          Roger R. Tobias, MD, 1990        

Bruce P. Meeker, MD, 1957                             Edward J. Lind, MD, 1991           

Floyd E. Dillenbeck, MD, 1958                        Rick D. Kellerman, MD, 1992    

Cloyce A. Newman, MD, 1959                        John R. Eplee, MD, 1993            

J. Allen Howell, MD, 1960                               Richard L. Watson, MD, 1994   

Gaylord P. Neighbor, MD, 1961                       Dennis D. Tietze, MD, 1995       

Norman H. Overholser, MD, 1962                   Diane D. Klingman, MD, 1996   

Floyd C. Beelman, MD, 1963                          John M. Ryan, MD, 1997            

Galen W. Fields, MD, 1964                             Joel E. Hornung, MD, 1998        

John N. Blank, MD, 1965                                Keith A. Wright, MD, 1999         

Sam Zweifel, MD, 1966                                   Charles T. Allred, MD, 2000       

Ben W. Barker, MD, 1967                                Robert P. Moser, MD, 2001      

Kenneth L. Lohmeyer, MD, 1968                    Rick Glover, II, MD, 2002            

Donald D. Goering, MD, 1969                        Carol Johnson, MD, 2003           

Ernie J. Chaney, MD, 1970                             Verlin Janzen, MD, 2004            

J. Warren Jacks, MD, 1971                             Joe Davison, MD, 2005               

John D. Huff, MD, 1972                                   Brian Holmes, MD, 2006             

Richard R. Brummett, MD, 1973                     Michael Kennedy, MD, 2007    

Alexander C. Mitchell, MD, 1974                     Terry "Lee" Mills, MD, 2008      

Philip H. Hostetter, MD, 1975                          Michael Munger, MD, 2009      

Anol W. Beahm, MD, 1976                              Jennifer L. Brull, MD, 2010

F. Giles Freeman, MD, 1977                           Deborah S. Clements, MD, 2011

Herbert M. Nason, MD, 1978                          Christian Cupp, MD, 2012

Floyd L. Smith, MD, 1979                                Mary Beth Miller, MD, 2013

William R. Lentz, MD, 1980                             Doug Gruenbacher, MD, 2014

Kenneth D. Wedel, MD, 1981                          Diane Steere, MD, 2015

                                                                         Lynn Fisher, MD, FAAFP, 2016