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1. Poster Contest. Active members (including fellows). residents and students are invited to submit posters at the KAFP Annual Meeting for presentation. $100 stipends are given to students & residents.  

2. Rural Family Medicine Practice & Research Program. Students between their first and second year of medical school are sent to rural areas across the state to learn about family medicine from local primary care doctors, and gather research data. Each year between 25- 35 medical students participate in the program. This program exposes first year students to the life of a rural family physician. Thank you to the volunteer faculty and directors of this program for making it happen: Dr. Mike Kennedy.

3. Family Medicine Interest Group grants. Grant funding is provided to help these student organizations with their activities. Creating increased student interest in family medicine, and assisting these student groups is a high priority for the Foundation.

4. AAFP's National Conference for Medical Students and Residents (NCFMSR) in Kansas City. This is an opportunity for students to learn about the specialty and the conduct of the political congress. Scholarships to attend this conference are available.

5. The KAFP-F Hostetter Award. This award honors a senior medical student on each campus who has promoted the values of family medicine throughout their medical school career. The 2013 Wichita campus recipient is Jessica Leiker and the Kansas City campus recipient is Chad Stewart. We appreciate the generous contribution from the Hostetter estate that makes this annual award possible.

6. Kansas Career Opportunities Conferences. Both the Kansas City and Wichita medical school campus' provide an opportunity for students and residents to connect with Kansas communities at this conference.

7.  Faces in Family Medicine. This award winning project highlights various family physicians and the roles they play, and provides links to students as well.

8. Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Funding for learning collaboratives was supported to help Kansas Family Physicians as they learn about and grow toward becoming a PCMH.

All of the above activities are important to furthering family medicine in Kansas, but the KAFP-F can only support programs for which we have funds.

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How are these projects funded?

KAFP-F projects are funded primarily through your donations. Thank you!

KAFP-Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that is organized for charitable, educational, and scientific programs of continuing medical education for Kansas Family Physicians.

The projects are funded by tax deductible gifts to the KAFP-Foundation. Donations may be mailed to KAFP, 7570 West 21st Street North, Bldg 1046, Suite C, Wichita, KS, 67205. Donations can also be accepted at the Annual Meeting. Be assured that any amount you give will be spent thoughtfully and wisely.

The Silent Auction and the Wine Tasting event, held during the KAFP Annual Meeting, are our two major fundraisers for the year. These events are both fun, rewarding ways to become involved. Please attend the meeting and bid on our wonderful baskets,  beautiful photographs and art work.  Also attend the Wine Tasting, a lively event of fine wine, good food and better company and friendly bidding on wine!