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Faces in Family Medicine

Do you love what you do? Faces in Family Medicine Program is for YOU

FIFM is a program that showcases the many faces of the specialty with a dinner meeting on each campus and the opportunity for select pre-med and medical students to have a family physician mentor for the school year.

Basically you (the mentor) and a medical or pre-med student are paired to connect during the school year.  Opportunities to connect can be face-to-face interaction (lunch perhaps), by email, phone and social media (facebook, twitter, blogging).  As with many things in life, you and your student will get out of the program as much as you put into it.

Expectations from mentors include:
A commitment to mentor for one school year

• Four social media or email contacts during the year (one per quarter)

• An offer for shadowing experience in your practice
• Attendance at a FIFM dinner close to you (optional)

Nearly 78% of mentors last year reported being very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the overall program.  And 72.2% of mentors last year were satisfied with the interactions with the student.

This year, we will host a dinner for select pre-med students at KU in Lawrence in addition to our meals with medical students from all three KU School of Medicine campuses (Kansas City, Wichita and Salina).

Here’s what past mentors said they liked about the program:

77.8% of mentors report being either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the overall program last year. 

On question 5 they listed some benefits of participation in an open-ended response

It is always good to think about why we do what we do and to share that with a new generation

It is good for our specialty to promote what we do as family docs

I like meeting future family medicine colleagues!


Building camaraderie


I was able to counsel student on his summer between M1 and M2 activities


I think this benefits the student.  I hope they get much out of it, if nothing else but to have a resource.


It’s fun to talk to enthusiastic students.


Thank you for considering being a FIFM mentor!  Be sure and check out our Facebook page for pictures from last year at: