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Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017

Call to Action: AAFP SpeakOut


Congress has recently introduced the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to repeal and replace health reform. While the proposal maintains many important provisions, the Congressional Budget Office now estimates that, if the AHCA is enacted, 14 million Americans will lose coverage next year and 24 million Americans will lose coverage by 2026. The AAFP has launched a SpeakOut urging legislators to oppose any legislation that would leave millions of patients without affordable coverage. The AAFP and KAFP are concerned that the AHCA does not succeed at addressing the real-life financial challenges patients’ experience. It does not address affordability such as the high cost of prescription drugs, coverage under Medicaid for maternity and mental health services, or support for those with pre-existing conditions after a gap in coverage. 

Take action. Send this pre-written letter directly to your congressional leaders through the AAFP SpeakOut. Thank you.