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Posted on Friday, November 10, 2017

Share tobacco cessation resources for the Great American Smokeout on November 16


The Great American Smokeout is an annual effort from the American Cancer Society to encourage smokers to begin making a plan to quit, or planning in advance to quit smoking that day. Quitting smoking is an important step toward a healthier life and reducing cancer risk, and on November 16, we work together to help eradicate smoking.

The AAFP and The EveryONE project are focused on confronting health disparities. We recognize some populations are more likely to experience negative health outcomes from tobacco use for a variety of reasons, including cultural practices and targeted tobacco marketing. These populations can benefit from prevention and cessation programs with our support. The AAFP offers resources for physicians to use with their patients who are preparing to quit smoking, including an online toolkit and interactive patient quizzes on FamilyDoctor.org.

Quitting smoking is difficult, but having support makes all the difference. Join the us in promoting the Great American Smokeout, and share these resources to help patients in their journeys toward smoke-free, healthier lives.