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The KAFP will assist Sedgwick County worksites who are interested in creating a lactation/breastfeeding room to encourage new mothers to continue breastfeeding after returning to work.  Sedgwick County worksites who develop a breastfeeding policy and lactation room will be awarded a small refrigerator, rocking chair, commercial grade breast pump, and four pump kits.

Contact: Kim Neufeld, B.A. | Tobacco Control Coordinator | Kansas Academy of Family Physicians (316) 425-5607 kneufeld@kafponline.org


For resources and worksites located outside of Sedgwick County, the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition has resources and assistance available at http://ksbreastfeeding.org/



Working_Well_Conference_Ad - 2015.pdf
Size: 413 KB
Breastfeeding Worksite Poster for Sedgwick County
KAFP_RFP 2015.pdf
Size: 296 KB
Sedgwick County Request for Proposal to participate in Breastfeeding Program
KAFP_PalmCard_Tips_Benefits- 2015.pdf
Size: 794 KB
Breastfeeding palm cards to help encourage a breastfeeding conversation between your patients and their employer. Sedgwick County