Faces in Family Medicine

Faces in Family Medicine (FIFM) is a Family Medicine mentorship program for pre-med and medical students. KAFP members volunteer to be mentors and represent the broad scope and modes of family medicine in the state of Kansas.

The ultimate goal is to expose students to the many different, energetic, vibrant, and authentic faces of family medicine, and promote the selection of family medicine as their specialty.

Who can participate?

  • KAFP Members
  • KUMC Kansas City, Salina or Wichita first and second year medical students
  • Junior and senior pre-med students at a select Kansas Regents University each year (2019-20: University of Kansas)

How does it work?

FIFM has two major components to the program to help showcase the many faces in family medicine and provide direct student-mentor communication throughout the academic year.

Group Mentorship Activity

Group Mentorship Activities will be scheduled to provide an opportunity for students to hear from multiple family physicians at once.  Mentors share their face of the specialty while students have the opportunity to ask questions.


For more direct communication throughout the academic year, FIFM pairs each student with a practicing family physician to be their mentor.  Mentors and students are encouraged to communicate via email, phone, text message, facebook, or may even arrange a face-to-face meeting or shadow experience.

How do I participate?

Student online application 

Mentor online applicatio

Applications will be reviewed and accepted students/mentors will be notified.  Application does not guarantee admittance into FIFM.

Expectations for participation:

  • Students will attend their respective campus activity
  • Mentors will attend at least one activity
  • Four points of contact throughout the academic year

Student-Mentor pairings can communicate as much or as little as they wish.  A minimum of four contacts by each party is expected.

KAFP provides monthly talking points to encourage communication between students and mentors.


Contact Michelle Corkins, mcorkins@kafponline.org, with questions.

Financial support for this program is provided by the FMPC which is funded by members like you! Help programs like this continue to support family medicine by giving to the FMPC. Select “Chapter Grants” when making your gift online.