Hostetter Student Award

About the award

Established in 2006 through an estate gift from Dr. Philip Hostetter, this award recognizes medical students who have demonstrated and promoted the values of family medicine during their medical school careers.  One student from each of the three KUMC campuses are eligible for this $500 award, maximum three students.

About Dr. Hostetter

Dr. Hostetter was a World War II veteran and family physician from Manhattan, Kansas.  He enjoyed photography and was generous with sharing his photographs with the Academy.  Dr. Hostetter was a loyal member of the KAFP, serving as President in 1975 and a loyal donor to the KAFP-Foundation.  Through his estate, Dr. Hostetter gave a gift to the KAFP-Foundation that ultimately started this award.

Award Nominations

FMIG faculty advisors from each of the three campuses of KU School of Medicine are invited to nominate a student to be their campus Hostetter Award recipient.

Expectations & Award

The recipients are expected to attend the KAFP Annual Meeting in June where they will be recognized at the Awards Lunch as well as receive a plaque and their award payment.

Philip Hostetter, MD

Past recipients: Hostetter Student Award

  • 2019: Adam Zuzelski (KC), Samantha Claassen (Wichita)
  • 2018: Victoria Otaño (KC), Codi Ehrlich (Wichita), Erik Bowell (Salina)
  • 2017: Theresia Neill (KC), Frances Lafferty (Wichita), Natalie Hagman (Salina)
  • 2016: Jennifer Bulcock (KC), Cole Gillenwater (Wichita), Scott Rempel (Salina)
  • 2015: Tity Kpandeyenge (KC), Whitney Weixelman (Wichita), Jill Corpstein (Salina)
  • 2014: Hilda Audardottir-Goulay (KC), Lan Ly (Wichita)
  • 2013: Chad Stewart (KC), Jessica Leiker (Wichita)
  • 2012: Brooke Dunlavy (KC), Nate Smith (Wichita)
  • 2011: Courtney Huhn (KC), Stacey Dimmitt (Wichita)
  • 2010: Janell Jones (KC), Shane Thoreson (Wichita)
  • 2009: Melissa Garber-Rosso (KC),Alison Raymond (Wichita)
  • 2008: Beth Loney (KC), Bonnie Charles (Wichita)
  • 2007: Drew Miller (KC), Sarah Abang (Wichita)
  • 2006: Jana Zaudke (KC), Jennifer Bacani (Wichita)
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