Show your support of Medicaid Expansion by penning an opinion editorial for your local newspaper(s)! The Kansas Hospital Association has asked for KAFP to join them in promoting physician written opinion editorials in support of Medicaid Expansion. Watch this video about Medicaid Expansion and see how it affects real people. Do you have a passion for Medicaid Expansion? Do you have a few good examples of how it has affected you, your patients, your practice, your community? If so, please take the time to pen an opinion editorial for your local newspaper(s) by April 1. View this example editorial to inspire your writing.

Tips for success!

  • At minimum 2-3 strong paragraphs, at maximum 1 page typed.
  • Tell a compelling story that tugs at the heart strings.
  • Please include this information at end of your editorial: [INSERT PHYSICIAN NAME] has practiced family medicine in [INSERT PHYSICIAN CITY] for [INSERT YEARS] years, and is a member of the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians.

Contact our office if you would like any assistance in writing or editing and/or identifying newspaper(s) to contact. Call 316-721-9005 or e-mail Michelle Corkins.

Thank you for considering being a voice for your patients and for family medicine.