While the research value of appending community characteristics to the clinical record is well established in academic literature, it’s equally important to be able to summarize this information in a practical and actionable way that can be integrated into clinical practice.

HealthLandscape’s goal is to advance the science of integrating social determinants of health (SDoH) into clinical practice. The Community Vital Signs application suite is part of that ongoing effort.

The Population Health Profiler is designed to demonstrate the ease of using SDoH for health and well-being. The tool lets users create detailed ZIP code/ZCTA level maps of their service area and key community measures as well as download a detailed report of 30 key measures in the areas of basic demographics, social determinants of health, chronic conditions, and access to care. Access the tool and sign up for a webinar for more detailed training at www.healthlandscape.org/CVSProfiler.