Kansas Humanitarian Award

Eligibility criteria:

  • Is a member of the KAFP in good standing.

Selection criteria:

  • Provides patients with compassionate, comprehensive and caring family medicine on a continuing basis by:
    • Providing compassionate care for an indigent, underserved or marginalized population, and/or
    • Displaying human values by showing support and care with respect and dignity, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and social status
  • Supports equitable and evidence-based medicine for all Kansans.

2023     Beth Oller, MD, FAAFP (Stockton)

2022    Sharon Lee, MD, FAAFP (Mission)

2021     Lee Norman, MD, FAAFP (Topeka)

2020    Joseph LeMaster, MD, MPH, FAAFP (Kansas City)

2019     S. Todd Stephens, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2017     Robert Freelove, MD (Salina)

2012     Carol A. Johnson, MD (Wichita)


2009     Jana Nisly, MD (Abbyville, KS & San Salvador)

2007     Steve Lemons, MD, FAAFP (Andover)

Nominate a physician for the Kansas Humanitarian Award

Nominations for this year’s KAFP awards will be open through Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. Click the button below to nominate a physician for the Humanitarian Award.