Kansas Family Physician of the Year

Eligibility criteria:

  • Has a minimum of 10 years, post-residency experience in Kansas.
  • Is a member of the KAFP in good standing.
  • Is currently practicing family medicine in Kansas.

Selection criteria:

  • Provides patients with compassionate, comprehensive and caring family medicine on a continuing basis.
  • Enhances the quality of the community by being directly and effectively involved in community affairs and activities.
  • Acts as a credible role model professionally and personally to their community, to other health professionals, residents and medical students.
  • Stands out among colleagues.
  • Supports equitable and evidence-based medicine for all Kansans.

2023     Jen L. Brull (Plainville)

2022     Linda Bean, DO, FAAFP (Pittsburg)

2021     Drew Miller, MD, FAAFP (Lakin)

2020    Stacy Dashiell, MD, FAAFP (Sterling)

2019     John Eplee, MD, FAAFP (Atchison)

2018     Michael Machen, MD (Quinter)

2017     Jerry Niernberger, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2016     Charles Allred, MD (Salina)

2015     Rick Kellerman, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2014     Kevin Hoppock, MD (Wichita)

2013     Debra Doubek, MD, FAAFP (Manhattan)

2012     Deborah Haynes, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2011     Robert Jacoby II, MD, FAAFP (Topeka)

2010     Victor Nemechek, MD (Quinter)

2009     Duane Fredrickson, MD, FAAFP (Lindsborg)

2008     John Atkin, III, MD, FAAFP (Yates Center)

2007      Paul Davis, MD (Wichita)

2006     Robert Moser, MD, FAAFP (Tribune)

2005      Earl Merkel, MD, FAAFP (Russell)

2004      Jed Holmes, MD (Wichita)

2003      Rick Rajewski, MD, FAAFP (Hays)

2002      Jeff Atwood, MD (Wamego)

2001      Dennis Tietze, MD, FAAFP (Topeka)

2000     Richard Ohmart, MD, FAAFP (Oakley)

1999     F. Ronald Seglie, MD, FAAFP (Pittsburg)

1998     Richard Egelhof, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

1997     Joseph Stech, MD, FAAFP (Andale)

1996     Don Goering, MD (Coldwater) NATIONAL RECIPIENT

1995     Walter Reazin, MD (Wichita)

1994      Roger Tobias, MD, FAAFP (Lyons)

1993     Thomas Simpson, MD (Sterling)

1992     Herbert Doubek, MD, FAAFP (Belleville)

1991     Charles Stephens, MD, FAAFP (Minneola)

1990     Larry Anderson, MD, FAAFP (Wellington)

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