Maintain your Membership

Membership Dues

Not a member?  Interested in becoming a member?  Learn more about how to become a member.

Members can monitor your dues and payments online through AAFP’s payment system, using your AAFP member number for this service.

AAFP CME Requirements

Active members must report at least 150 credits of approved CME every three calendar years (i.e., during their re-election cycle). The 150 credits must include at least 75 AAFP Prescribed credits and 25 credits from live activities.

An exemption of the 25 credits from live activities is allowed for members who submit evidence that they are providing medical care outside of the United States in a missionary/charitable practice setting for a period of more than 12 months.

Members in other AAFP membership categories are not required to report CME but may do so to maintain a centralized CME record.

Learn more about AAFP CME requirements.

Update your contact information

We want to keep in touch with you! Please let us know if any of your contact information has changed by emailing your changes to KAFP at  All changes will be updated with both KAFP and AAFP.

Alternatively, you may update your records directly by emailing the AAFP using your AAFP member number for this service.


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