Resolution Process

Resolutions are due by Monday, May 6, 2019

Please submit your resolution for consideration by the deadline.  You may submit your resolution by one of the following options:

  • Email to
  • Fax to 316-721-9044
  • Mail to KAFP, 7570 W 21st St N 1026C #104, Wichita, KS 67205

Below is the official resolution process as adopted by the KAFP Board of Directors (April 2019).  Please note the important dates in the timeline column.

Submitting a Resolution to the KAFP Board of Directors for Consideration

Any member is welcome to submit a resolution to the KAFP Board of Directors for consideration.  The following process for submitting resolutions, as well as the Reference Committee and Board of Directors process for reviewing resolutions, is outlined below.

2019 Timeline
  • A note in the weekly e-newsletters starting in the second week of April will announce the resolution process and timeline, noting the deadline to submit resolutions.

Note: Resolutions submitted after the deadline are late and their consideration is subject to the discretion of the Reference Committee Chair.

Deadline to submit resolutions: May 6

  • Staff follows up with resolution authors and provides them with the next steps in the process and timeline for consideration of resolutions. Staff invites them to participate in the meeting at which they are heard.

Ongoing as resolutions received, ending by the deadline to submit resolutions.

  • Within 10 business days of resolution deadline, KAFP will publish the proposed resolutions in the KAFP Weekly e-newsletter, inviting those with an interest in them to contact KAFP with their input.

Publish proposed resolutions by May 14

  • Between when the resolution are published and the Annual Meeting dates, the Reference Committee holds a hearing by conference or video call. Staff invites authors of resolutions to participate if they so desire.

The Reference Committee is made up of Delegates, Alternates, and officers.

Date TBD, contingent upon Reference Committee members’ schedules.

  • The Reference Committee reviews proposed resolutions and the resolutions that were adopted 5 years prior, which are called “Resolutions to be Considered for Sunset.”
  • The Reference Committee writes and submits a report to the Board with recommendations on each resolution.

Reviewing resolutions from 2014

  • The Reference Committee Report and Recommendations on resolutions are provided to Annual Meeting registrants and briefly discussed at the Member Meeting.

Member Meeting: June 7

  • The Board considers the Reference Committee Report and Recommendations at its Summer Board Meeting held at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting and takes action on each resolution.

Summer Board Meeting: June 8

Resolutions Proposed by KAFP, or other constituent chapters, to AAFP

AAFP publishes their process and timeline for resolutions on the Congress of Delegates (CoD) website.  Out of a courtesy to our members, KAFP has provided the AAFP resolution process and timeline below.  Should this differ from what AAFP publishes regarding resolutions, AAFP’s communication will always supersede KAFP’s description below.

2019 AAFP Timeline

AAFP has 2 deadlines for resolutions:

    1. AAFP prepares background info for resolutions sent by 40 days prior to the opening of Congress of Delegates (CoD )
    2. AAFP does not prepare background info on resolutions received 30 – 39 days prior to opening

Resolutions received after 30 days prior is considered late and must have a 2/3 vote to be accepted for consideration

August 14: deadline for resolutions include background information

August 24: final deadline, resolutions will not include background info

After August 24 resolutions are late

September 22 – 25: CoD,  Philadelphia, PA

  • AAFP uploads resolutions to its CoD website as they are received and adds background information as it is available.
  • AAFP uploads all the resolutions and board reports to the CoD website by 30 days prior to CoD.

During the summer, up to the August 24 deadline

  • Members of the Kansas Delegation provide input, highlighting 3 – 5 resolution topics that may be of particular interest

By August 29

  • When resolutions and board reports are available on the CoD website, KAFP notifies members via the weekly e-Newsletter of the following:
    • Resolutions are posted on the CoD website and are available for review
    • Specific resolutions are highlighted by members of the Kansas Delegation
    • Contact information for members of the Kansas Delegation
    • An invitation to members to share specific input directly with members of the Kansas Delegation.

Note: It is most effective to provide input to members of the Kansas Delegation more than two weeks prior to the CoD rather than within the two week window.

By August 30

September 8: Deadline to send effective input to Kansas Delegation

  • Members of the Kansas Delegation will hold a meeting approximately 2 weeks prior to CoD to discuss positions on the resolutions and board reports, who is attending which Reference Committee and other CoD business items.

Week of September 8

  • Members of the Kansas Delegation will meet while at CoD after the Officers’ Forum to discuss who to support for office.

September 24

  • Members of the Kansas Delegation will meet while at CoD before the Business Sessions at which action is taken on the floor, to determine which business items to extract from the Consent Agenda.

September 24 & 25

  • KAFP will invite members and the Kansas Delegation to provide feedback on the process and will use feedback to improve the process for 2020.

After 2019 CoD, prior to KAFP Winter Board Meeting

The above Resolution Process shall remain the same year-over-year, but the dates will vary depending on the date of the KAFP Annual Meeting and AAFP Congress of Delegates.  If you have any questions about the Resolution Process, please contact the KAFP office: or 316-721-9005.