2023 Resolutions

AAFP’s Congress of Delegates (COD) is scheduled Oct. 25-27 in Chicago, Ill. It is an annual conference that serves to direct the business and policies of our professional organization. Each chapter has a voice in the process of COD through their board-appointed Delegates and Alternate Delegates.

Our delegates are Doug Gruenbacher, MD (Quinter), Lynn Fisher, MD, FAAFP (Wichita), Jeremy Presley, MD, FAAFP (Dodge City), and Deb Doubek, MD, FAAFP (Manhattan). Delegates, alternates, and other leaders attend reference committee hearings to both provide testimony and hear others’ testimony on all resolutions. Following these reference committee hearings, the Kansas delegation will caucus to discuss and decide how to best represent our members when voting on these resolutions.

You are encouraged to submit a resolution if you have a topic you are interested in AAFP addressing. Delegates invite authors to provide testimony on submitted resolutions, discuss them and make recommendations to the KAFP Board for action.

Resolutions are the official means by which you as a member have input into the AAFP’s governance and political process. KAFP can help guide you through the process of writing your resolution. Authors will be invited to meet with the delegates to discuss their submissions and discuss next steps. The deadline for resolutions to be considered for 2023 has passed. You are welcome to submit a resolution to be reviewed for 2024 however.

A resolution writing worksheet is available here and important deadlines are listed below.

Contact KAFP at info@kafponline.org or 913-214-1117 for resolution assistance.


2023 Timeline
  • Submit proposed AAFP resolutions for KAFP board consideration.

May 29

  • AAFP has two deadlines for resolutions:
    • AAFP prepares background information for resolutions sent by 40 days prior to the opening of Congress of Delegates (COD)
    • AAFP does not prepare background information on resolutions received 30 – 39 days prior to opening
    • Resolutions received after 30 days prior to the start of COD are considered late and must have a 2/3 vote of the delegation to be accepted for consideration 
    • Reference committee meetings will be held virtually in 2023

Resolutions: Sept. 4

Proposed Bylaws Amendments: July 6

Congress of Delegates: Oct. 25-27 in Chicago, Ill.

Virtual reference committee meetings: Oct. 14-15

During the summer, up to the  deadline 

Sept. 25

  • When resolutions and board reports are available on the COD website, KAFP notifies members via the bi-weekly e-Newsletter of the following: 
    • Resolutions are posted on the COD website and are available for review
    • Specific resolutions are highlighted by members of the Kansas delegation 
    • Contact information for members of the Kansas delegation is shared
    • An invitation to members to share specific input directly with members of the Kansas delegation. 
    • Note: It is most effective to provide input to members of the Kansas delegation more than two weeks prior to the COD rather than within the two-week window.

By Sept. 25

Oct. 6: Deadline to send input to Kansas delegation

  • AAFP to host open comment period on proposed resolutions for all members to provide feedback.

Late September/early October – date TBA

  • Members of the Kansas delegation provide input, highlighting 3 – 5 resolution topics that may be of particular interest and ask members for feedback and comment to determine course of action.

By Oct. 6

  • Members of the Kansas delegation will hold a meeting approximately two weeks prior to COD to discuss positions on the resolutions and board reports, who is attending which Reference Committee and other COD business items.

Week of Oct. 9

  • Members can attend virtual Reference Committee meetings and testify on behalf of themselves.

Oct. 14-15 (virtual)

  • Members of the Kansas delegation will meet while at COD after the Officers’ Forum to discuss who to support for office.

Oct. 25

  • Members of the Kansas delegation will meet while at COD before the business sessions at which action is taken on the floor, to determine which business items to extract from the consent agenda.

Oct. 25-27

  • KAFP will report out to the full membership the outcomes on resolutions of interest.

First week of November

  • KAFP will invite members and the Kansas delegation to provide feedback on the process and will use feedback to improve the process for 2024.

After 2023 COD, prior to KAFP November board meeting.

The above Resolution Process shall remain the same year-over-year, but the dates will vary depending on the date of the KAFP annual meeting and AAFP Congress of Delegates.  If you have any questions about the resolution process, please contact the KAFP office: info@kafponline.org