Kansas Exemplary Teaching Awards

Eligibility criteria:

  • Only full-time, part-time or volunteer faculty members currently teaching in Kansas are eligible for these awards
  • All nominees must be a current member of the KAFP and in good standing.
  • Awards may be issued in both the full-time and part-time categories each year, but they will not necessarily both be awarded each year.

Selection criteria:

  • Recognized for exemplary teaching skills and outstanding progression of abilities over several years by medical students, residents or peers; or
  • Developed and implemented innovative curriculum, teaching model(s) or program(s) in a variety of educational spheres; and
  • Demonstrates inspirational leadership skills among colleagues and students.
    Supports equitable and evidence-based medicine for all Kansans.

2022    Andrew Porter, DO, FAAFP (Wichita)

2021    Tracy Williams, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2020    Philip Dooley, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2019     Amy Curry, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2018     Patricia Fitzgibbons, MD (Kansas City)

2017     M. Chantel Long, MD (Salina)

2016     Tara Neil, MD (Wichita)

2015    Douglas C. Woolley, MD, MPH, FAAFP (Wichita) NATIONAL RECIPIENT

2014     Michael Kennedy, MD, FAAFP (Kansas City)

2013     Donald Milligan, MD, FAAFP (Kansas City)

2012     Robert Freelove, MD (Salina)

2011     Mary Boyce, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2010     Robert Kraft, MD (Salina)

2009     Mary McDonald, MD (Kansas City)

2008     David Miller, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)

2007     Anne Walling, MD (Wichita)

2006     Donna Ewy, MD, FAAFP (Newton) (part time)

2006     Deborah Outwater, MD, FAAFP (Wichita) (full time)

2005    Michael Machen, MD (Quinter) (part time) NATIONAL RECIPIENT

2005     Charles Allred, MD (Salina) (full time)

2004     Leslie Greenberg, MD (Wichita) (part time)

2004     Ruth Weber, MD (Wichita) (full time)

2003     Ron Mace, MD (Junction City) (part time)

2003     Belinda Vail, MD, FAAFP (Kansas City) (full time)

2002     Tim Scanlan, MD, FAAFP (Wichita) (part time)

2002     Rebecca Ruble, MD (Kansas City) (full time)

2001     Marla Ullom-Minnich, MD (Moundridge) (part time)

2001     Mark C. Meyer, MD (Kansas City) (full time)

2000     John M. Feehan, MD, FAAFP (Olathe) (part time)

2000     David C. Hanson, MD (Salina) (full time)

1999     John Dorsch, MD, FAAFP (Wichita) (part time)

1999     Paul Callaway, MD, FAAFP (Wichita) (full time)

1998     Greg Thomas, MD, FAAFP (McPherson) (part time)

1998     Paul Jaster, MD (Salina) (full time)

1997     Scott Stringfield, MD, FAAFP, Wichita (part time)

1997     Scott Moser, MD, FAAFP (Wichita) (full time)

Nominate physicians for the Exemplary Teaching Awards

Nominations for this year’s KAFP awards are open until March 10. Click the buttons below to nominate physicians for Exemplary Teaching Awards. You can make nominations in both the full-time and part-time categories.