Family Doctor of the Day (FDOD) is a volunteer program organized by the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians (KAFP), in which KAFP members volunteer to serve as doctor of the day at the Statehouse each day during the legislative session.

Volunteers assist legislators, staff and visitors of the capitol with health needs that may arise throughout the day.  The FDOD program is designed to serve as an aid station, not an extension of a typical clinic setting. Checking blood pressure, distributing ibuprofen, examining sore throats; the health issues are mainly minor health needs, with a few more serious ailments during the year.  The legislators are grateful for the program and it definitely puts family medicine in a favorable light!

The purpose of the FDOD program is to serve as an aid station to guests (legislators, staff and visitors of the capitol).  A typical day will consist of checking blood pressure, distributing ibuprofen, examining sore throats, and identifying if it is “allergies, a cold, or the flu.”

The FDOD office is stocked with over the counter medications and supplies only.  In the event of a medical emergency, call 911.

Should any guest require medication or attention beyond what is already provided in the supply cabinet, it is at the volunteers’ discretion to decide if (a) a referral back to the guest’s primary care physician is necessary, (b) if it is appropriate to call a prescription into the pharmacy for the guest, or, (c) if it is in the guests best interest to seek emergency care at a medical facility.

KAFP members with an active Kansas medical license and maintain medical malpractice insurance are eligible to serve as FDOD, including Residents licensed in Kansas.

Medical students are allowed to observe FDOD activities.

Call for 2024 Volunteers

Volunteer to serve as Family Doctor of the Day in 2024!

Get on the schedule early, secure your FDOD volunteer dates for 2024 now. Volunteers are needed Mondays through Thursdays during the session. See the calendars below for available volunteer dates and check back regularly for calendar updates.

FAST FACTS for your volunteer service:

  • FDOD volunteers are needed at the capitol from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
  • Volunteers will receive reminder emails in advance of each scheduled date.
  • Review the KAFP FDOD Communications for day-of instructions, COVID-19 Safety Measures and more.
  • Review the Capitol Communications for additional information from the Statehouse.

Confirmed volunteers will be emailed a full detailed, two-page volunteer instructions PDF prior to their volunteer date.

The Statehouse does not have a masking requirement for the 2024 legislative session. Please be aware however, the KAFP may request that guests of the FDOD Office wear a mask, if a surge in COVID-19 cases occurs.

  • While masks are not required in the FDOD Office at this time, they will be made available for optional use.
  • Hand sanitizer will also be available for use in the FDOD Office.
  • Please knock on the FDOD Office door prior to entering to ensure only one guest is present per visit. Children and other family members may accompany guests when necessary for care.


Contact KAFP with any questions.

If you are unable to serve on your scheduled volunteer date, please contact KAFP as soon as possible so the calendar may be updated.

Volunteer Calendar





Jared Johnson, MD


Allen Greiner, MD

10 11

Deb Doubek, MD, FAAFP




MKL, Jr. Day


Jennifer Thuener, MD

17 18

Chad Johanning, MD, FAAFP



22 23 24

Amy Cunningham, DO


Brian Comer, DO



29 30  31

David Smith, MD, FAAFP

Thank you!

KAFP is so thankful for our 2022-2023 Family Doctor of the Day volunteers! We know it was harder to find time to be away from your clinics during the pandemic, and are grateful for your service this year. The following members gave of their time and talent to serve as FDOD this legislative session:

2022 -2023 FDOD Volunteers: Dr. Debra Doubek, FAAFP (Manhattan); Dr. Mollyanne Brunkow (Olathe); Dr. Jennifer McKenney, FAAFP (Fredonia); Dr. Chad Johanning, MD, FAAFP (Lawrence); Dr. Jennifer Thuener, FAAFP (Wichita); Dr. Sheryl Beard, FAAFP (Andover); Dr. Nicholas Cahoj (Saint George); Dr. Michael Malin (Overland Park); Dr. Danielle Villalobos (Wichita); Dr. Nicole Yedlinsky, CAQSM, FAAFP (Wichita); Brian Comer, DO (Derby); Dr. Allen Greiner, MPH (Kanass City); Dr. David Larson (Clay Center); Dr. Tessa Rohrberg (Andover); Dr. Lynn Fisher (Wichita); Dr. Bethany Enoch (Pittsburg); Dr. Tyler Fisher (Wichita); Dr. Belinda Vail (Kansas City); Dr. Kimberly Williams (Salina); Dr. Tyler Darland (Leavenworth); Dr. Sandra Archer (Overland Park); Dr. David Smith, FAAFP (Overland Park); Dr. Patricia Klassen (Topeka).

A special thank you to Drs. Sheryl Beard, Lynn Fisher and Chad Johanning for serving on the FDOD Work Group.  This group’s main task was to review and update the medications and supplies on hand in the FDOD office.  Thank you to this group for your efforts to keep FDOD safe for our volunteers and guests!