Board of Directors

The Kansas Academy of Family Physicians Board of Directors develops policies that advance the strategic goals and priorities of KAFP members and their patients, monitors program activities, and oversees the business and affairs of the organization.


Jeremy Presley, MD, FAAFP

President, Dodge City

Sheryl Beard, MD, FAAFP

President Elect, Andover

Chad Johanning, MD, FAAFP

Vice President, Lawrence

Jennifer Bacani McKenney, MD, FAAFP

Secretary, Fredonia

Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBA, FAAFP

Treasurer, Andover

John Feehan, MD, FAAFP

Board Chair, Olathe


Jen Brull, MD, FAAFP

Delegate, Plainville

Doug Gruenbacher, MD

Delegate, Quinter

Lynn Fisher, MD, FAAFP

Alternate Delegate, Plainville

Diane Steere, MD

Alternate Delegate, Wichita


Jen Brull, MD, FAAFP

KAFP-Foundation President, Plainville


Keith Ratzlaff, MD

District 1, Olathe

Tessa Rohrberg, MD

District 2, Winfield

Jared Johnson, MD

District 3, Wichita

Shana Jarmer, MD

District 4, Wellington

Debra Doubek, MD

District 5, Manhattan

Graig Nickel, MD, FAAFP

District 6, Lawrence

Drew Miller, MD

District 7, Lakin

Dereck Totten, MD, MPH

District 8, Colby


Rick Kellerman, MD, FAAFP

Wichita Dept. Chair

Belinda Vail, MD, FAAFP

Kansas City Dept. Chair

Margaret Smith, MD, MPH, MHSA, FAAFP

Kansas City Faculty Representative

Tara Neil, MD

Wichita Faculty Representative

Kelly Thomson

Kansas City Student Representative

Marissa Weaver

Wichita Student Representative, Voting

Maci Hicks

Salina Student Representative


Sarah Tully Marks, MD, FAAFP

Communications Committee, Chair

Chad Johanning, MD, FAAFP

Governmental Advocacy Committee, Co-Chair

Daniel Dickerson, MD, PhD, FAAFP

Governmental Advocacy Committee, Co-Chair

Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBH, FAAFP

Finance and Insurance Committee, Chair

Melissa Rosso, MD

Membership and Member Services Committee, Chair

Diane Steere, MD

Practice Enhancement Committee, Chair

Beth Oller, MD

Professional Development Committee, Chair


Kansas University Family Medicine, KC

Kelsie Kelly, MD, MPH

Program Director, Kansas City

Jason Foster, MD

Resident Representative, Kansas City

Zachary Degner, MD

Resident Observer, Kansas City

Smoky Hill Family Medicine, Salina

Rob Freelove, MD

Program Director, Salina

Scott Rempel, MD

Resident Representative, Salina, Voting

Cooper Nickel, MD

Resident Observer, Salina

Via Christi Family Medicine, Wichita

Philip Dooley, MD, FAAFP

Program Director, Wichita

Cheryl Dobson, MD

Resident Representative, Wichita

Erin Hoffman, DO

Resident Observer, Wichita

Wesley Family Medicine, Wichita

Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBA, FAAFP

Program Director, Andover

Ruth Lehman Wiens, MD

Resident Representative, Wichita

Jessica Paxson, MD

Resident Observer, Park City