KU School of Medicine is seeking excellent family doctors to serve as volunteer faculty to third-year family medicine clerkship students from the Kansas City campus. Students rotate in a 2-week block.

  • Did you know that medical students highly value mentorship from practicing physicians?
  • Did you know that clerkship students rate having a one-on-one teaching relationship with a family doctor as their most desired and most valued experience over the clerkship?

Serving as volunteer faculty has perks!

  • Your peers enjoy serving as volunteer faculty! They say that students energize them and that the students teach them almost as much as they teach the students.
  • Patients enjoy students! They report that having a student in the office enhances their experience.
  • You can claim up to 20 CME hours per year for teaching medical students.
  • CMS allows you to attest student notes in lieu of writing duplicate notes of your own!
  • KU will provide you with access to resources, including UpToDate and databases at KUMC Dykes’ Library.

Interested? Contact Kristen Estrada, program manager for the Undergraduate Medical Education Division, Family Medicine Department, KU School of Medicine at KESTRADA@kumc.edu.