2023 Summer Roadshow

In 2023, KAFP launched its inaugural Summer Roadshow – an effort dedicated to serving its members and addressing barriers to immunizations.

“The inaugural Summer Roadshow was an overwhelming success,” said Mishayla Moffitt Nichols, KAFP Grant Manager and Programs Coordinator. “The experience provided an opportunity for direct communication with members on how KAFP can help address key healthcare issues while promoting valuable immunization resources across the state. We cannot wait to hit the road again next summer!”

During the 2023 program, KAFP visited 13 clinics in these communities:

  • Dodge City
  • Kansas City
  • Manhattan
  • Marion
  • McPherson
  • Mission
  • Montezuma
  • Overland Park
  • Quinter
  • Sterling
  • Wichita

One of the key highlights of these roadshows was the announcement of the Vaccine Administrative Stipend, designed to support and recognize members who have shown exemplary dedication to immunization efforts. KAFP awarded this stipend to six deserving members, enabling them to invest in new immunization equipment and recognize their healthcare heroes. 

The funds were utilized for various purposes, including the purchase of new immunization fridges/freezers, rewarding nurses for their hard work, adopting new temperature monitoring systems, and procuring organizational supplies for immunizations and administrative needs. An easy application process, taking less than 10 minutes, made it accessible for members to benefit from this opportunity.

If you are interested in the program or would like to apply for the Vaccine Administrative Stipend, please don’t hesitate to contact our grant project manager, Mishayla Moffitt Nichols, at mnichols@kafponline.org. And be sure to stay tuned for announcements of our upcoming 2024 summer roadshow dates and locations!