The 2019 Practice Profile Survey Summary is available, which describes the practices of family physicians in clinical practice and patient care.

2019 Topics include:

  • Practice characteristics (hours worked per week, patient panel size, patient encounters, advanced primary care functions)
  • Laboratory testing (clinical lab tests, decreased lab test offered)
  • Hospital practice (hospital privileges, babies delivered)
  • Patient insurance coverage (insurance coverage of patient panel, Medicare acceptance, wellness and care coordination service provided to Medicare patients^, Medicaid acceptance)
  • Delivery Care Model (direct primary care awareness and participation)
  • Income information (individual income)

The 2019 Practice Profile was designed to collect information describing the practices of family physicians primarily working in clinical practice and patient care (as opposed to physicians primarily working in administration, research, teaching, urgent care, emergency rooms, etc.). The questions continue the collection of information captured on previous Practice Profile studies as well as obtain new information about a variety of topics.