The PRIME Registry is unleashing the potential of patient and community data to build better primary care, helping shift the focus beyond individual disease diagnoses to measuring what really matters to patients and clinicians. Join PRIME Registry, and help shape the future of primary care.

PRIME Includes:

  • More Measures that Matter—through PRIME’s improved array of high-value primary care measures with demonstrated connection to improved outcomes and quality of life.
  • PRIME’s quality dashboard helps identify patients with quality gaps and helps practices see how they are doing compared to their peers.
  • The PHATE tool helps identify patients at risk due to social determinants and provides an in-clinic connection to resources in the patient’s community, while also illuminating areas where resources are needed. PHATE has the potential to help guide more personalized risk-assessment and access to patient resources.
  • Special Offer for ABFM Diplomates: American Board of Family Medicine Diplomates are eligible for three years of PRIME enrollment FREE. After the first three years, the price per Diplomate is $260/year.

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