Congratulations to KAFP’s Tobacco Control Coordinator, Tara Nolen, MPH who has been elected to serve as the 2018-19 president of the Tobacco Free Kansas Coalition (TFKC). This is her second year to serve as president. Tara’s term ends June 2019. The TFKC is a statewide alliance of health, medical, education, parent, youth, law enforcement, health coalitions and individuals advocating for laws, policies and funding of proven programs to significantly reduce tobacco use and addiction, especially among children and high-risk populations. These individuals and organizations are committed to reducing the health and health cost burden caused by tobacco use in Kansas. Major health organizations, voluntary health and professional health associations, local health departments, regional prevention centers, state agencies have joined forces over the past 20 years to develop programs and policies that reduce the prevalence of tobacco use by both adults and youth. To learn more about TFKC and how to get involved visit the TFKC website.