Did you know that 70 percent of tobacco users are interested in quitting and cite a physician’s advice to quit as an important motivating factor? Make that brief conversation with patients count with these conversation prompts used by Kansas physicians:

  1. Do you mind if we discuss your tobacco use today?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how willing are you to quit in the next 30 days? Note, if it’s low, ask: What would it take to move you to a ___ (+3 points)?
  3. What helped with your cravings (or didn’t) the last time you made a quit attempt?

Remind patients that every quit attempt counts. If often takes people 7-9 quit attempts before succeeding, but every attempt is a step forward! Many people addicted to nicotine will need a prescription and over the counter nicotine replacement therapy to help reduce cravings and remain quit.

For tobacco cessation training or resources, visit KAFP’s website or contact Kim Neufeld.