Our evolving health care landscape has made telehealth or virtual visits a reality for many medical practices. Using the AAFP’s agenda setting tools may help. The AAFP National Research Network and Division of Practice Advancement developed an AAFP Transformation in Practice Series (TIPS™) resource to specifically address agenda setting. The AAFP TIPS™ Agenda Setting resources provide physicians, care teams, and patients with tools and information to help prepare for and prioritize visits. They are for both provider and patients, and include forms, checklists, scripts, workflow examples, role-playing activities, tips, and more. Agenda setting is a strategy all providers and care teams can benefit from using.
For a limited number of participants, the AAFP National Research Network is conducting an engagement evaluation project where providers can receive up to $200, and patients can receive up to $100 for using the agenda setting resources for visits. Space is limited, so if you would like to participate please contact Cory Lutgen (clutgen@aafp.org or 913-906-6150) for more information