As of September 27, Kansas has had two confirmed deaths related to vaping. Kansas currently has 11 probable/confirmed vaping-related cases, including the two deaths. Of the cases, 64% are male and age from 17-67 years old. 10 of the 11 were hospitalized and two remain hospitalized. Regarding the types of vaping products used, there was a combination or those reporting using only nicotine, only THC, only CBD and a combination of THC and nicotine.

Kansas vaping statistics show that show that 34.8% of Kansas high school students have ever tried e-cigarettes and 10.6% of Kansas high school students use e-cigarettes. (2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey). In 2017, 4.6% of Kansas adults reported that they use e-cigarettes. (2017 Kansas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System).

The KDHE website has a video hearing and video statements from Dr. Lee Norman, KDHE Secretary and Dr. Farha Ahmed, State Epidemiologist. It also has vaping education video messages that you may find valuable to share with your patients.

For nationwide information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.