Family Doctor of the Day

Thank you!

KAFP is so thankful for our 2019 Family Doctor of the Day volunteers! The following members gave of their time and talent to serve as FDOD this Legislative Session, filling 81% of the available FDOD dates.

2019 FDOD Volunteers: Samantha Algrim, Sandra Archer, Sheryl Beard, Ashley Bloom, Sarah Bradshaw, Nick Cahoj, Eric Clarkson, Vanessa Cook, Deb Doubek, Alison Edwards, Michael Engelken, Bethany Enoch, John Feehan, Lynn Fisher, Patricia Fitzgibbons, Lisa Gilbert, Allen Greiner, Doug Gruenbacher, Shelly Gruenbacher, Brian Holmes, Doug Iliff, Shana Jarmer, Chad Johanning, Jared Johnson, Rex Keith, Kelsie Kelly, Michael Kennedy, Robert Kraft, Erin Locke, Hannah Maxfield, Jen McKenney, Todd Miller, Samantha Muppalla, Tara Neil, Graig Nickel, Danelle Perry, Jeremy Presley, Rick Rajewski, Keith Ratzlaff, Tessa Rohrberg, Melissa Rosso, Melissa Rosso, Diane Steere, Rachael Svaty, RC Trotter, & Belinda Vail.

Looking ahead to 2020….

We will begin taking volunteers for the 2020 FDOD calendar in person at the Annual Meeting this June.  For each date a member signs up they are entered into a drawing for a custom FDOD travel cup.  Online sign-up’s will be available after the Annual Meeting.

About FDOD

Family Doctor of the Day (FDOD) is a volunteer program organized by the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians, in which KAFP provides for a family physician to be present at the Statehouse each day during the legislative session. KAFP relies on its trusted membership to volunteer to serve as FDOD.

Volunteers assist legislators and their staff with health needs that may arise throughout the day.  Checking blood pressure, distributing ibuprofen, examining sore throats: the health issues are mainly minor health needs, with a few more serious ailments during the year.  The legislators are grateful for the program and it definitely puts family medicine in a favorable light!

Who can volunteer?

Family physicians with a Kansas license are eligible to serve as FDOD, including residents licensed in Kansas.

How to volunteer?

Review the FDOD calendars below, identify one more multiple dates to volunteer, and submit a Volunteer form!  It’s that easy.

**** Volunteer content hidden!  Calendar content below hidden as well. *****

Details about Volunteering
  • FDOD volunteers are needed at the capitol from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Volunteers will receive reminder emails in advance of each scheduled date(s).
  • Review the day-of instructions regarding parking, where to go, and what to expect.
Questions or Cancellation

If you have questions about the FDOD program, or need to cancel your FDOD date, contact Michelle Corkins at or 316-721-9005.

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Belinda Vail, MD, FAAFP