AAFP Launches PSA Campaign to Educate Patients – May is Mental Health


Bullying. Concussions. Opioid abuse. These are just a few topics family physicians discuss with their patients every day. While most family physicians feel comfortable talking about these subjects, patients may be less at ease, especially if they have experienced one of these issues first-hand. To help patients prepare for these conversations, the AAFP has launched a national public service announcement (PSA) campaign. An important aspect of the campaign is to educate patients about pertinent public health issues, and to encourage them to visit familydoctor.org the Academy’s patient-focused website, for more information.

The AAFP will release a new PSA on the first of the month from May through November. May is mental and emotional health (e.g. bullying).

View the PSA here. For more information on emotional health visit:

Familydoctor.org: Mental Health

Familydoctor.org: Mental Health: Keeping Your Emotional Health

Other monthly topics will be:

  • July: back to school (e.g., influenza and personal hygiene),
  • August: immunizations (e.g., shingles vaccine),
  • September: sports and exercise (e.g., concussions),
  • October: family health and safety (e.g., gun safety), and
  • November: addiction and recovery (e.g., opioid abuse and safe medication storage).

KAFP will share and post the PSAs on social media. We encourage you to share these PSA’s on social media, and to  follow familydoctor.org on Facebook and Twitter. Ultimately, it is important that patients, after viewing the PSAs, will gain a sense of empowerment over their own health. Increasing patients’ knowledge of important health issues that affect them is intended to help them feel more prepared and willing to talk about them with YOU – their family physician.

Physician Health First: Your Health Before All Else


Physician Health First is a web portal dedicated to improving family physician well-being. Find guidance to address your workplace challenges, tools to assess your level of burnout, and inspiration to put your well-being first. Learn more.


Increase patients’ engagement with MDD care


You are invited to participate in the free webcast, Shared Decision-Making in Major Depressive Disorder, and discover how to promote a cooperative, team-based approach to major depressive disorder (MDD) care that leads to success. KAFP member, Margaret L. Smith, MD, MPH, MHSA, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Kansas is a faculty member on the webcast.

This webcast answers key questions about MDD care, including:

  • What are the patient and caregiver perspectives on the symptomatic and functional burden of MDD?
  • What is the role of shared decision-making (SDM) in MDD management?
  • How can family physicians practically apply SDM for MDD pharmacologic therapy planning and selection?
  • What are the practical applications of SDM to assess, monitor, and maintain patient adherence with pharmacologic therapy for MDD

This free webcast also allows you to earn 1 AAFP Prescribed credit.

Use AAFP’s Well-being Planner to Better Your Well-being & Satisfaction


The AAFP’s Well-being Planner-part of the Physician Health First initiative–was created to help family physicians navigate your path to personal well-being and professional satisfaction.

Members can access the Planner from the Physician Health First Portal and use it to:

  • Save helpful articles to a reading list for convenient future reference
  • Access comprehensive resources to address the five major areas of the family physician ecosystem (healthcare system, organization, practice, individual, and physician culture)
  • Set your goals
  • Track and measure your progress

AAFP Proficiency Testing


AAFP’s Proficiency Testing Program (AAFP-PT) offers many solutions for office laboratories. Proficiency testing determines the performance of a laboratory for specific tests and can be used to monitor staff competency in laboratory testing. Accurate lab results are essential to patient care. If a practice offers basic tests such as strep, flu, or mono, PT is highly recommended for quality assurance—this is important for correct diagnosis and patient safety.  Learn more.

Family Medicine Leads Scholarships for National Conference


The 2018 AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students will take place August 2–4, 2018 in Kansas City, MO. Past attendees consistently rate this event as an invaluable opportunity because of the practical sessions, networking, and chance to learn more about family medicine.

The AAFP Foundation offers 250 Family Medicine Leads Scholarships to help students and residents attend National Conference. This financial assistance, valued at $600 per award, helps offset expenses such as registration, travel, lodging, and meals. The application deadline is May 1, 2018.

New Quality Measures and Medical Home Content on AAFP.org


Given the shift from volume- to value-based health care, the AAFP has launched new content on Quality Measures (QM) and updated Medical Home content on AAFP.org.

New QM content includes foundational information on quality measures, such as types, components, development, endorsement, benchmarking, and links to resources. Also included is an explanation of the AAFP’s role in measure development and endorsement. Members interested in getting involved with quality measure initiatives and representing the interests of family medicine can now complete and submit an expression of interest form, available on the site.

The updated Medical Home content helps practice teams understand and implement the five functions of the medical home. With the ever-evolving nature of the medical home, AAFP staff plan to add resources and information over time to keep members informed.

Health is Primary April toolkit focus: Health Equity


In April, Health is Primary campaign will focus on health equity and show how primary care is working to address critical issues like heath disparities and social determinants of health. Access the April toolkit and help spread the word. #MakeHealthPrimary #HealthEquity

Robert Graham Center seeks Medical Director


The Robert Graham Center is currently looking for a Medical Director. The Medical Director for Policy Research contributes to the research, collaborative, management and dissemination functions of the Robert Graham Center. The Medical Director for Policy Research must be comfortable working with a small team of highly skilled and self-motivated researchers, and be able to effectively represent the Center and its products within the Academy and with external collaborators and key audiences. Desirable characteristics include national credibility, a Medical Doctorate/Doctor of Osteopathy degree, Residency training in a Primary Care specialty, and training in research, Public Policy or Public Health. For a complete job description and more information, click here. Read more

Family medicine shows NRMP Match gains for 9th consecutive year


The 2018 National Resident Matching Program marked the ninth consecutive year of increasing numbers of matches to family medicine residency programs. Data showed there were 3,654 family medicine positions offered, an increase of 276 from 2017, and 3,535 medical students and graduates matched to family medicine, an increase of 298 from last year. Read more.