American Public Health Association

Join us in supporting National Public Health Week (NPHW) – April 6-12, 2020. NPHW celebrates 25 years! This 25th anniversary is an opportunity to highlight some of the greatest public health successes and to celebrate what makes public health so vital. It’s also a time to reflect on important lessons learned and also missed chances to improve health for all. We can all become advocates for positive change, especially during this pandemic.

Each day of National Public Health Week, will focus on a particular public health topic and identify ways each of us can make a difference on that topic. Check it out and participate on your social media networks or simply share KAFP’s facebook posts.


**NEW** COVID-19 and the NPHW Daily Themes

Monday: Mental Health — advocate for and promote emotional well-being

Tuesday: Maternal and Child Health — ensure the health of mothers and babies throughout the lifespan

Wednesday: Violence Prevention — reduce personal and community violence to improve health

Thursday: Environmental Health — help protect and maintain a healthy planet

Friday: Education — advocate for quality education and schools

Saturday: Healthy Housing — ensure access to affordable and safe housing

Sunday: Economics — advocate for economic empowerment as the key to a healthy life