Our first online election was successful with 13 percent of eligible voting members participating — compared to two percent who normally participate in-person during the annual membership meeting.

Congratulations to the following leaders who will serve on the KAFP Board of Directors during the 2020-21 governance year. Each district office is a one-year term. Delegate and alternate delegate seats serve a two-year term.

Secretary: Jared Johnson, MD (Wichita)
Delegate: Jen Brull, MD, FAAFP (Plainville)
Alternate Delegate: Diane Steere, MD (Wichita)
District 2 Director: Tessa Rohrberg, MD (Winfield)
District 4 Director: Jonathan Pike, MD (Great Bend)
District 6 Director: Graig Nickel, MD, FAAFP (Lawrence)
District 8 Director: Derrick Totten, MD, MPH (Colby)

These dedicated leaders will join the following elected volunteers to serve on the 2020-21 Board of Directors as voting members:

President: Chad Johanning, MD, FAAFP (Lawrence)
President-Elect: Jennifer Bacani McKenney, MD, FAAFP (Fredonia)
Vice President: Debra Doubek, MD, FAAFP (Manhattan)
Treasurer: Gretchen Irwin, MD, MBA, FAAFP (Andover)
Board Chair: Sheryl Beard, MD, FAAFP (Andover)
AAFP Delegate: Doug Gruenbacher, MD (Quinter)
Alternate Delegate Lynn Fisher, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)
District 1 Director: Keith Ratzlaff, MD (Olathe)
District 3 Director: Dirk Smith, MD, FAAFP (Wichita)
Distrcit 5 Director: Danelle Perry, MD (Manhattan)
District 7 Director: Jill Linville, MD (Lakin)
KUSM-Kansas City Faculty Director: Margaret Smith, MD, MPH, MHSA, FAAFP
KUSM-Wichita Faculty Director: Rex Keith, MD

We had close races for both contested seats (secretary and district 4). Thank you to all who exercised your membership privilege to vote. We also appreciate the time and dedication of our candidates.