Carolyn Gaughan, CAE, executive vice president of the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians (KAFP) since 1989, has announced she will retire effective August 31, 2019. Carolyn announced her retirement plans to the board at the fall board meeting in September.  In her board report, she writes:

“In my preparation, I’ve read some excellent monographs about executive management transitions that affirm some of my intuitive thoughts. Here’s a short summary: Transitions can be tough, but when reframed positively they can also be an opportunity for an organization to thrive. Faced with a pause in business as usual, disconcerting though it may be, KAFP will have the chance to reexamine current practices, positioning, even its mission, direction and vision. The Board can assess the situation, work through the hiring process and implement strategies that enable the organization not only to survive the transition, but to thrive through it. This transition offers an exciting potential as an entry point to a broad range of capacity-building efforts. They could include new board leadership, sharpened strategic direction, improved financial management, new funding and thoughtful approaches to organization restructuring.”

You can read her entire article in the EVP Letter in the fall issue of the Kansas Family Physician.   Here is the position announcement:

The Kansas Academy of Family Physicians, based in Wichita, Kansas, is the voluntary, statewide association for family physicians, family medicine residents and medical students in Kansas with 1,760+ members.  The Kansas Academy of Family Physicians-Foundation is the philanthropic arm of KAFP, supporting initiatives to encourage family medicine. KAFP is recognized as a leader in developing and delivering outstanding education for family physicians in Kansas, for a strong advocacy presence in Topeka on behalf of its members and for its exceptional public health efforts. The KAFP and the KAFP-F boards are jointly seeking an executive vice president to help execute their vision for championing the cause of family physicians and their patients in the state of Kansas. The job description and application process are available at: KAFP EVP.