For patients enrolled in KanCare, a newly expanded benefit for tobacco cessation is now available! KanCare now covers medications and counseling for tobacco users to make multiple quit attempts per year. The expanded benefit will help physicians and staff work with patients to find the right combination of treatments to quit for good.

Expanded benefits include:

Medications: Comprehensive, barrier-free coverage of all FDA-approved medications:

  • Chantix, Bupropion, all nicotine replacements (patch, gum, lozenge, inhaler, nasal spray)
  • Evidence-based combinations of medications (e.g., concurrent patch/lozenge)
  • No prior authorization or copays

Counseling: No annual or lifetime limits

  • Individual (Billing Codes 99406/99407)
  • Group Counseling (Billing Code s9453)

The majority of patients using tobacco will make at least one quit attempt this year. Medications plus counseling double their chances for a healthier life.

Visit KAFP online to download an information card about the expanded benefits and find additional resources for your patients and staff.