Stage 1 of the Kansas Modular Medicaid System (KMMS), the new Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS), is now operational. KMMS will allow providers in Kansas’s Medicaid managed care program, KanCare, a more streamlined and intuitive workflow, making it easier for them to complete the enrollment process for KanCare. It includes a new Automated Voice Recognition System (AVRS) to facilitate customer service calls to make the process easier and faster. Provider management will also create the foundation for the modules coming in Stage 2 and captures information necessary to improve program integrity.

Stage 1 Modules include:
• Customer Self-Service Portal (CSSP) – provides Single Sign-On technology, Customer Relationship Management through Microsoft Dynamics software and an upgrade to the Avaya Automated Voice Response System.
• Provider Enrollment (PE) – contains a new PE wizard used for provider enrollments and revalidations.
• Program Integrity and Utilization Management (PIUM) – brings new analytic tools to monitor billing and utilization services, a new reporting tool to visually display and report data using the SAS Fraud Framework and a new case management tool – SAS Enterprise Case Management.
• inSight Dashboard – new performance metrics tool using 10 dashboards, management analytics using seven dashboards and scorecard reporting to assist in monitoring system and business process performance at DXC.

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