This week we will focus on the Membership tab on the newly refreshed KAFP website. Clicking on Membership gives you an overview of the KAFP mission statement and an overview of key areas of importance for you as member. Under the Membership tab, you will find three tabs: Family Physicians, Residents & Students, Career Center.

The Family Physicians tab features information on Maintaining Your Membership (dues, CME requirements); Physician Wellness (features the RISE Webinars); Awards (information about KAFP awards); Membership Directory (links you to the AAFP Membership Directory).

The Residents & Students tab has six areas pertinent to family medicine residents and students: Faces in Family Medicine (an overview of the program); Summer Student Rural Program (an overview of the program); Awards & Scholarships; Residency Programs; Legal Consultation (information on contract review estimates).

We hope you have the KAFP website bookmarked and use it as a valuable resource.

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