Get your Family Doctor of the Day (FDOD) volunteer date on your calendar early and get first pick of available dates! The 2020 legislative session is six months away, but it will go by quickly. We invite all active members and residents with a Kansas license, to serve as the FDOD at the Statehouse during the legislative session.

FDOD is a volunteer program organized by the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians, in which KAFP provides for a family physician to be present at the Statehouse each day during the legislative session. KAFP relies on its trusted membership to volunteer to serve as FDOD.

Volunteers assist legislators and their staff with health needs that may arise throughout the day. Checking blood pressure, distributing ibuprofen, examining sore throats: the health issues are mainly minor health needs, with a few more serious ailments during the year. The legislators are grateful for the program and it definitely puts family medicine front and center with our legislators.

FDOD volunteers report to the Capitol Building in Topeka at 9:00 a.m. and stay until 3:00 p.m. on their assigned day, taking care of legislators, staff and sometimes even visitors who need medical attention.

Thank you for your consideration of taking a day to volunteer for this important program.